Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sproxel v0.5 Released!

It's been a long time in the coming, but Sproxel v0.5 has finally been released!  New features include:
  • Much faster and more stable raycasting algorithm was added by Electric Dog. This potentially fixed Issue ID#2.
  • Grid dimensions can now be extended and contracted.
  • Tool dragging (look for the option in preferences).
  • Tool preview (look for the option in preferences).
  • Voxels can be drawn with outlines now (again, preferences).
  • Camera snapping (hold shift while holding alt to snap in 45 degree increments).
  • A two-click Line tool.
  • Tool code refactor - this will allow for multi-click tools like selection and line.
  • Relatively major code refactor - moved things around for better extensibility.

Download Sproxel 0.5 (win32 or OSX) in the usual place.

This image shows the new voxel outline option, drawing each filled voxel with a thin border.  It also shows the new interactive tool preview feature, drawing a red box to show where the next splatted voxel will appear.  Both of these options, as well as a new tool dragging feature can be modified in the preferences dialog.

A lot of code has been changed under the hood of Sproxel for this release.  The results of these changes are not immediately visible, but upcoming versions will leverage the new technology in the form of layers, animation, selection, cut/copy/paste, indexed palettes, and various other features. Stay tuned!

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