What Is Sproxel?

Sproxel (short for "Sprite Voxel Editor") is a 3d interface designed to let the user quickly create and edit voxel-based 3d models. The creation process and resulting geometry can be thought of as an extension to 2d pixel art.

Sproxel is an open source project hosted on google code here: Project Page.  It is being developed on both Windows and Linux using the QT windowing framework, which should keep it snappy and extensible well into the future.  Sproxel is still in its infancy, but can already generate sprites for custom display and/or game engines.  

A base toolset has already been implemented, on top of which a virtual cornucopia of features can be built!  If you give Sproxel a try and have some ideas for making it better, please add your opinion to the Feature Request Wiki.  I'll be more than happy to see what I can do for ya.

The latest version can be downloaded here: Sproxel Download.  It's a simple package which just needs to be copied to a directory and run.  No installation process needed.

The package does not yet contain a help file, so be sure to check out the user manual here: Sproxel User Manual.  I'll fix that as permits.

In the meantime, enjoy, and if you have any comments or requests, please feel free to post on this blog or on the project page's various Wiki Pages.

Thanks.  I hope you find the Sproxel editor useful!