Monday, October 1, 2012

Sproxel v0.6 Released!

New features include:
  • Project containing multiple sprites.
  • Python plug-in system (importers/exporters in particular).
  • Paint3D (.3MP) import/export.
  • Slicing to see and edit inside voxel sprites.
  • Indexed color voxel grids (256 colors from palette).
Download it (win32 only for now) in the usual place.


  1. When will you add select, copy, paste?

  2. Will there be an update to this? I'm starting to use it in my game

  3. Any chance you could update the mac version? :)

  4. I've ported Sproxel 0.6 to OSX. It compiles using Qt 5. You can download and compile it from

  5. hey, nice tool. i inserted a procedure loadcsv to load sproxel 0.6 csvfiles into my simple KsVoxelLogo and made an example castles. -> KsVoxelLogo -> example castles

  6. Beautiful! I'm hella happy I found your project. This will open alot of doors to my lazy ass :P

  7. I love it! Its been a while since there were any updates... Is there a way to zoom? If not, that feature might be a good step towards beta!